Danny Dolan Launches Independent Campaign for Fayette School Board


Danny Dolan
[email protected]

Fayetteville, GA – Tyrone resident and software engineer Danny Dolan announced March 2nd that he will run for the District 1 seat now held by Barry Marchman.

Dolan is a 32-year resident of Fayette County, having graduated from elementary, middle, and high schools in Peachtree City. He now lives in Tyrone with a family of his own, including three daughters, two in elementary school and the third entering preschool in the fall. He is an Eagle Scout with Computer Engineering and Science degrees from Georgia Tech and Columbus State University. He is married to Fracena Byrd Dolan, a professional actress and educator who has taught and performed in a variety of public and private school environments. He describes himself as a lifelong Christian, with passions for theology, scientific discovery, and history.

As an independent candidate in a partisan race, Dolan will have to collect hundreds of petition signatures before he can appear on the November ballot. “I know it’s the hard way, but my goal in this race is to give people a reason to pay attention to their school board. I want all voters to have a say, not just those who cast a ballot in one party’s primary.”

Dolan says that he wants to bring a simple message: That every child is unique, and every parent’s voice matters. “Children aren’t made in factories or cookie cutters. Each child’s education should fit that child’s unique needs and potential. It may come from public, private, charter, or homeschooling, or some combination, and that may change over a child’s lifetime. As children grow and move from grade to grade, from school to school, parents should never feel like they are fighting against a system for the future of their children.”

In addition, Dolan believes strongly in teaching fiscal responsibility by example, and cutting taxes to help families. “The earlier children learn wisdom and frugality, the better off they will be in life. But for children to learn responsible behavior, the adults around them need to act responsibly. We need to treat every dollar spent on education as a scarce resource, and make sure we are choosing our spending carefully. Spending on technology that is proven to improve education can be worthwhile, but we need to avoid throwing money away on gadgets that don’t provide bang for the buck and waste the teacher’s time. Every dollar taken from parents and grandparents in taxes for the schools is a dollar that can’t be spent on a child’s life outside of school.”Citizens with questions, comments, or who wish to volunteer to get involved with the campaign are encouraged to email [email protected], or call 404-579-6575. More information can be found at https://fb.com/DannyForFayette or DannyForFayette.com.